Jogan: Images Burned In My Memory

Based on this prompt by George.

Jogan fluff. And if you squint, references to Sebrek. Ok so this is more a Stuart Trio fic but still. 

And some references to smutty fun times.

Derek figured he’d been out long enough. They were at Julian’s house in the Hamptons for the summer, but this was the first summer that Julian and Logan were together together. And it’s not like Derek couldn’t find a place to disappear to for a few hours, but some how it was harder this summer when his boyfriend-er friend, fuck buddy…person…thing….was on the west coast right now. But no matter. Derek had hit up his usual haunts, destroyed a few relationships without actually cheating on his boyfriend, but was only fun for so long. Derek let himself into Julian’s house, threw the keys on the counter before making his way upstairs to see what Julian and Logan were up to. 

Walking up the stairs, Derek paused for a moment, seeing the frames on the walls rattling slightly. Oh fuck. Derek thought to himself. They’re still at it. If Derek wasn’t so scarred from walking in on them in various positions that Derek never needed to see them in, he would congratulate both of them on their obvious stamina to still be having sex - since they were fucking when he left the house a few hours ago. But there is only so many times that Derek can walk in and see Julian with his mouth around Logan’s cock, or Julian on his hands and knees while Logan rams him from behind, before the idea of Julian and Logan having sex makes Derek want to gouge his eyeballs out with a spork and stick his head down the garbage disposal. Grumbling, Derek covered his ears and began to speed walk down the hallway, hoping that he could rush past their room fast enough to get to his, without having to hear anything.

The pulsing beat of the music coming from Logan and Julian’s room caused Derek to pause in the hallway outside of their door. He carefully removed his hands from his ears and heard a loud wailing noise….that sounded like carefree singing - something he had not expected to hear. Intrigued, Derek opened the door and almost fell over by the force of his laughter that bubbled up in his chest.

What you got boy, is hard to find
I think about it all the time
I’m all strung out my heart is fried
I just cant get you off my mind!

The image before him was one that Derek would never get out of his mind - but this time, Derek never wanted to forget it. The room had looked like Ke$ha had vomited glitter all over the place, and then had rolled all over Logan. The strobe lights flickering around the room caught on the glitter that was all over Logan’s body, shimmering in the light as both Julian and Logan danced around the room together, wailing Ke$ha at the top of their lungs.


Derek couldn’t help but laugh at their ridiculousness. He was happy to see that there was more to Julian and Logan’s relationship than sex and arguments. Julian must have heard Derek’s laugh over the music, because he turned and saw Derek standing in the doorway, and held his hand out, gesturing for Derek to join them.

Derek laughed more and pushed himself out of the doorway, shimmying his way over to where Logan was spinning in a circle and Julian was doing an awkward kind of body roll/booty shake dance. None of them were dancing on beat, they were just having a moment of completely letting go and not caring. Julian turned away from Derek and started to grind up on him as Logan leapt up on top of the bed and began to rap into his hairbrush. 

Hey, so I got a question
Do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?
Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum
Is my love your drug?
Your drug?
Huh, your drug?
Huh, your drug?
Is my love your drug?

Logan jumped down from the bed and pulled Julian away from Derek and spun him around before grabbing Julian’s hand with one hand, and Derek’s hand with the other, and leading the other boys in a round of jumping to the beat of the song.

As the song ended, all three boys collapsed onto the bed, panting and laughing.

"You’re home early." Logan noted, as soon as their breathing had regulated, wrapping his arm around Julian’s middle and pulling him into his side.
"Yeah. It wasn’t the same without Seb…" Derek trailed off, a blush rising to his cheeks as Julian turned to smirk at him.
"Well you missed a fun evening here."
"You had more fun then ‘Your Love Is My Drug’?" Derek quipped, crawling further up the bed until he reached the pillows, collapsing against them.
"You missed Logan almost wiping out as he slid down the bannister singing ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’-"
"And you missed Julian belting Disney songs while he cooked dinner." 

Logan and Julian continued to talk over each other, overlapping their stories of the goofy things they had done that night, and part of Derek wished that he had been around for it, but the larger part of him was glad that he wasn’t there, giving Julian and Logan time to just be together. 

Derek relaxed, welcoming Julian and Logan as they crawled up onto the bed, Logan pulling Julian close to him so that Julian’s back was pressed against Logan’s chest. The three of them lay there, Julian and Logan lulling Derek to sleep with their talk about everything and anything. 

It was nights like these, with his best friends, that Derek never wanted to forget. It was nights like these that would always be burned in his memories, as the best days of his life.