He Had It Coming

Uh because George prompted it and I thought I could fill it. So erm, here. Have some Jogan. With some one-sided….Wrythe. (I don’t think there’s a name for them but regardless Logan/Sebastian).

Anyone who ever said that Julian couldn’t hold his own in a fight clearly didn’t know the proper way to to bait him. Because if you push his buttons the wrong way, friend or not, you could end up like Sebastian, sprawled out in the middle of the hallway, a black eye forming and blood gushing out of his nose. Never let it be said that Julian didn’t protect those that he loved. 

To anyone who saw what happened, they would know that Sebastian had it coming. Sure, Logan used to flirt with everything that had a dick, but that was his way of searching until he found someone who loved him right back. It was his way of finding everyone else until he finally found Julian. Logan and Julian had finally gotten together a month or so ago, after a lot of drama and emotions and threats to leave the school and to cut off Derek’s head if he said as much as one word and arguments that left Stuart house shaking as doors were slammed and heavy things were thrown at walls. But they worked through the unsaid things until they were able to say everything that they wanted to.

And then Sebastian showed up. And giving Julian all but a “Paris was wonderful darling, but it’s time for you to move on” Sebastian had set his sights on Logan. And oh had he been trying. When Julian first confronted Sebastian about his persistent wooing of Julian’s boyfriend, Sebastian had talked about Logan’s passion and anger and how he knows Julian loves Logan, but love never holds a candle to a wide open mouth that can take large quantities and oh, did he mention that he doesn’t have a gag reflex? Julian was angry, sure. But thus far Sebastian hadn’t done anything but say things to Logan. So Julian punched his pillow a few times and ignored Logan when he pestered him until he had calmed down. Sebastian was just a stupid boy.

But then Sebastian made his move. Julian was walking to Logan’s locker to meet up with him after class to go to lunch, but he was running a little late because he had been held up after class. But Julian didn’t mind. That meant that the hallway was clear and he could kiss Logan for a little bit before lunch. As Julian turned the corner, he saw Logan and his face lit up - until he saw Sebastian lean up against the locker next to Logan, running his hand up and down Logan’s arm. Julian froze in his place, rage coursing through his veins. Julian watched as Sebastian leaned in close to Logan to whisper something into his ear, watched as Sebastian locked eyes with him and smirked before biting Logan’s ear. 

Julian didn’t even see the way that Logan pushed Sebastian away angrily, blinded by rage he all but ran to where Logan and Sebastian were. Logan pulled back his fist to hit Sebastian before Julian reached him and grabbed Logan’s fist, holding him back. Logan seethed as Julian pushed him up against the lockers, crashing their lips together, showing Sebastian who exactly Logan belonged to. Julian felt Logan’s anger melt away as he melted into the kiss, uncurling his fingers from the fist that they were in so he could wrap his arms around Julian and pull him in closer.

"Oh look, you’re getting my sloppy seconds." Sebastian said, laughing slightly as he fixed his tie. 

Julian snapped out of the kiss and before Logan could register what was happening, Julian punched Sebastian full-force in the face, sending him careening towards the floor. Julian leaned down to the floor where Sebastian was writhing, clutching his eye. 

"Do. Not. Fuck with me." Julian bit out before turning away from Sebastian and grabbing Logan’s hand, intertwining their fingers. "Let’s go to lunch. I’m starving." Julian led Logan down the hall, not looking back for a moment and not feeling guilty at all. You don’t touch Julian Larson’s man. You just don’t.