what if.

What if I wrote that Logan is taking Julian as a “friend” to one of Logan’s father’s parties, and his dad is like “why won’t you just give this girl a chance” and Logan gets angry but then Julian’s like “I got this” and disappears and with the help of Kurt and Reed, he gets all dolled up, wearing a dress and a wig and bunch of make-up and the Senator is like “oh hey look you’re with a girl” and then Julian’s like “oh Mr. Wright I wanna sing a song” and Logan’s like “wtf is going on” so then Julian stands up and sings “sweet transvestite” and strips out of his dress and wig as he goes until he’s standing on stage in like boxers, with his wig on the floor. And then Logan just kisses him because he’s so happy and Mr. Wright looks horrified.

  1. the-hypocritical-critic said: Anna, and I mean this in a completely platonic way, but can I have sex with you?
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